Discover Your Differentiating Values: Couples Guide and Workbook

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Ever feel like you’re missing the mark sometimes?

Do you complete the day and wonder if you’ve really communicated to your children, co-workers, fellow volunteers or employees what you truly wanted to communicate?

Sometimes what we DO is more important than what we say.

Does a feeling of dissatisfaction after-the-fact creep in? Have you ever completed an amazing project, or event that, to everyone else, appears to be a success, yet you’re left feeling like you never really conveyed your message, and the effect you’ve had is false in some nebulous way?

Here’s what might be happening…

Values in Marriage

Now double this feeling of discomfort - in both spouses - husband and wife...

What if you both – husband and wife – are leading lives with separate values at work, from those you use when you’re at home with each other? 

All of a sudden you have three sets of values which clash. Your behavior may be moral and ethical – but not consistent.

How can you make sure those values you live – together – are consistent, cohesive, and have a lasting impact? Everywhere?

And how can you be sure to leave a lasting, positive legacy as a couple?

Use this eBook - guide and workbook.

What will values do for you?

If you’re wondering whether you should go right – or left – or go forward or back, then reviewing the situation with your own, differentiating values at hand can make the decision almost foolproof. 

Values help you prioritize - decide when and what to do in a situation, and then remain consistent in all your decisions. 

Knowing your own - shared - differentiating values as a couple, will set your marriage apart. Knowing your values will drive your behavior to map with what you truly value.

Acting on your own, shared, differentiating values will create a positive legacy as a couple, making a difference for your own children, and for all those you influence.

What this eBook & Workbook Package contains:

  • The theory and background on values for couples

  • Examples of couples who use their values

  • 423 Differentiating Values and their definitions

  • Listing of the 423 values in 15 categories

  • The process to determine your own differentiating values

  • Worksheets

  • Wallets cards
  • an audio version

  • and more


About the Authors:

Robert has been researching, writing, consulting and speaking about values for more than five years. He's just finished an 18 month tour of North America, speaking to business leaders about Values. 

 As a team, both Robert and Lori have been writing about marriage, and consulting with other couples for more than five years. 

They're married 32 years, and have experienced life in the corporate world, in ministry, they've home-schooled their children, and also work together in business. 

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Discover Your Differentiating Values: Couples Guide and Workbook

0 ratings
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