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Positivity Prompts for your Desktop Wallpaper - Set 1

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Positivity Prompts for your Desktop Wallpaper - Set 1

Lori Ferguson
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Here are 10 images with positivity prompts sized to use as desktop wallpaper on your computer. 

These images correspond to posts on  Download them all and set them to rotate as your wallpaper, or just use the ones that make an impact on you.

What is Positive ThanksLiving?

The site's purpose is to increase your strategic optimism. 

Positive People know they're loved, are thankful, encourage others and know the importance of being encouraged themselves, and take positive action on their goals...

Here is the general direction for each prompt - Monday to Saturday:

#motivationMonday - to prompt you to get going on your goals

#transformationTuesday - to prompt you to pay attention to your health

#wisdomWednesday - to prompt you to look at your view of finances

#thankfulThursday - to prompt you to notice you have a good life

#5minuteFriday - a general prompt

Saturday - a prompt to ponder faith

More is planned for the site - I encourage you to visit to see what's going on... and if you feel "prompted" ;-)  subscribe! 



ps- All images are from where photos are gifted by the world’s most generous community of photographers allowing creators to use their images without cost, attribution and with a non-exclusive copyright license for anything the creator chooses. 

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